General information

Spanish Courses: General Information

Our school runs courses of six different levels, corresponding to the levels proposed by the Council of Europe and those of the Common European Framework of Reference: A1 Breakthrough (Elementary) A2 Waystage (Upper Elementary) B1 Threshold (Intermediate) B2 Vantage (Upper Intermediate) C1 Effective Operational Proficiency (Advanced) C2 Mastery (Perfection or Superior)  Before deciding upon the type […]

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Spanish Courses for Groups

  We offer tailor made Spanish Courses for Groups all over the year. The classes can be arranged flexibly regarding quantity and schedule. The hours, course content, activities, excursions and accommodation options are agreed according to the requirements and special needs of the group.   GADIR has experience in organizing tailored Spanish Courses for Groups, […]

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Spanish Courses Programs

Aquí puedes descargar los contenidos de nuestros cursos, divididos por niveles: - Nivel A1-Acceso (Elemental) - Nivel A2-Plataforma (Elemental Alto) - Nivel B1-Umbral (Intermedio) - Nivel B2-Intermedio Alto - Nivel C1-Dominio Operativo Eficaz - Nivel C2-Curso de Perfeccionamiento Si necesitas más información, no dudes en escribirnos a

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