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Our teaching method which is continuously reviewed and updated, together with our team of teachers, will help you to “sail” through the Spanish language with as much ease as you would through Internet.

All of our teachers hold a degree in Spanish linguistics and literature, specialising in teaching Spanish as a foreign language.

Our teachers Paloma, Lolo, Inma, Moisés, Patricia, Concha, María del Mar and our directors, Cristina y Antonio are always happy to welcome our students at GADIR.

We love to work with people from different countries and bring them closer to our language and culture. And this is reflected in our school and our courses. The most important thing for us is a good working atmosphere, since the learning progress is much more effective if you learn whilst having fun.

If you want to know how Spanish people live, if you want to learn Spanish and have fun, if you are looking for a school with a wide variety of courses and excellent academic level and located in one of the most beautiful cities of Spain…

If you really want to SPEAK SPANISH… Come and meet us!

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