GADIR, ELE Safe School Certificate

The Federation of Associations of Spanish schools in Spain, FEDELE, has created a complete recognition system with guidelines, recommendations and protocols to follow to achieve a safe school and free from infections facing the present epidemiological situation caused by COVID-19.

ELE Safe School certificate facing the COVID-19

This seal certifies that the centers have contingency plans to reduce the possibilities of contagion in the centers and to stop the expansion to prevent possible outbreaks due to COVID-19. You can come to GADIR with the certainty that we have specific contingency plans and protocols to reduce the risk of infection within the center as much as possible.

Actions taken at GADIR:

Spacing and capacity: We ensure the safe distancing of our students and ensure a safety distance of at least 1.5 meters.

Desinfection and use: We clean and sanitize our classrooms every day, and we organize the use of common areas.

Contingency plan: Our centre has limited seating, safety standards, and a contingency plan to minimize the chance of infection.


GADIR, more than a school… a family

GADIR, Escuela Internacional de Español was founded in 1989 and is the oldest Spanish school in Cádiz and one of the firsts in Andalucía. With more than 25 years experience of teaching Spanish in a city that is steeped in history, GADIR is the perfect place to learn our language and enjoy a wonderful stay in Spain.

At GADIR we love our jobs and enjoy welcoming all of our students, helping them to love our language, our city and our culture. We are a team of teachers and friends who try to transmit our passion: the teaching of Spanish language and culture.

GADIR is a small school where students, teachers and principals all know each other and call each other by their first names from the very first moment. Our main aim is to ensure that your stay with us will enableyou tolearn to speak, think and feel in Spanish. In GADIR, a Cervantes Institute Accredited Centre, you will find teaching of the highest quality and a different way of learning Spanish.


In Gadir we offer you:


  • More than 25 years experience of high quality Spanish teaching.
  • A school in a lovely detached building, with a garden and a patio for our students, as well as a library, spacious offices and common areas with free wi-fi.
  • Personalized assistance: our students are always our main priority and we always have time for them.
  • International accreditations and membership: Bildungsurlaub (Germany), CSN (Sweden), etc.
  • Small classes: a maximum of 8 students per group.
  • Linguistic “exchanges” with Spanish students during your stay.
  • Free book lending service (graded reading). Check our catalogue.
  • Free DVD lending service (Spanish movies). Check our catalogue.
  • After-school activities: visits, excursions, parties, dinners, salsa and flamenco courses, etc.


At GADIR you can find a great variety of courses, for any interest, age and level, and at any time of the year: Spanish Intensive Courses, DELE Exam Preparation Courses, Spanish Courses for over 50s, training courses for Spanish teachers, as well as for business groups or institutions, courses for teenagers, etc. Visit our website and you’ll be surprised by the choice!




In Cádiz, a city far away from the usual tourist routes, you will be able to learn Spanish and enjoy a pleasant stay – walking around its streets, its beaches of fine white sand, discovering its squares and, most importantly, meeting and having contact with its inhabitants, the “gaditanos”, who are always welcoming and friendly towards visitors. It is difficult to sum up what the city of Cádiz offers those who come to visit it – we should mention a lot of things… Its history, its art, its location, its climate, its beaches, its inhabitants, its festivals…


In Cádiz, you can learn Spanish and enjoy its wonderful beaches…


In Cádiz, you can learn Spanish and live the Spanish culture…


In Cádiz, you can learn Spanish and get to know a superb cuisine…


In Cádiz, in GADIR, all this and much more.


Come and visit us!

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