6) Where are the students from and how old are they?
The majority of our students are between 20 and 40 years old. They are from all parts of the world and are studying at the university in their country or are professionals. We do not accept students younger than 16 years except for special groups.

7) How many students are enrolled at GADIR and how many pupils are in each class?
At any one time, our school has on average between 20 and 40 students, increasing to 60 in peak season. The maximum number of students per class is eight and the minimum is three.

8) Are the classes given in the morning or in the afternoon?
All classes operate between 09.00 and 15.00. Some classes may start earlier or end later depending on the course option you select. Optional dancing classes may be offered in the afternoon.

9) Is it possible to stay for just one week?
Yes, it is.

10) How can I know which level I have?
All students take a test on their first day of school. This helps us to determine their Spanish level and to offer every student a suitable course. If you enrol through our website you have the possibility to take the test online before you arrive in Cádiz..

11) Is it possible to change the course if I think it is unsuitable?
Of course it is possible, whenever there is space available. It is very important for us that all our students are happy and feel comfortable in their classes.

12) Do I get a certificate after my course?
Yes, On the last day of school students are presented with a certificate showing the course duration and course level.

13) Does the school offer scholarships or discounts?
Our school does not offer scholarships, although groups of more than two persons and past students of GADIR receive a discount of 10% on their course price. See our “Offers and discounts“.

14) What happens if the minimum number of students (3) is not reached to realize the cours?
In this case the student will be informed three weeks prior to commencement, and they will be offered another course or to take private classes without a price difference.

15) Is it possible to extend the course in Cádiz ?
Yes, it is always possible when there are free places available.

16) Is there access to the internet at school?
All the students of GADIR have free access to the Wi-Fi connection at the school. There are also some computers available for all to use and students with laptops can connect wirelessly as well. The connection can be used anywhere in the school for any amount of time.

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