Spanish in Andalusia-EEA

Aprender Español en Andalucia

GADIR is a founding member of the Association of Spanish Schools of Andalusia (EEA), whose main aim is to encourage and guarantee the quality of teaching in the associated schools.
All the member schools of EEA have obtained the Cervantes Institute Certificate of Accreditation and are periodically subject to a pedagogical and professional inspection, which guarantees that the teaching offered by AEEA centres is always of the highest quality.
The EEA represents its member schools in dealings with local, autonomous and national institutions. Therefore, our association maintains a close relationship with the Government of Andalusia, as well as the tourist offices, embassies, consulates, universities and other official centres from all over the world. At the same time, EEA collaborates with the Chambers of Commerce of various Andalusian capitals which provide students of EEA centres with access to official commerce exams. Another of EEA’s fundamental objectives is the preparation of academic programs, in constant collaboration and discussion with the Cervantes Institute and other institutions dedicated to the teaching of the Spanish language.

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