CSN Study Opportunities for Swedish Students


GADIR, International School of Spanish, is accredited by the Swedish body CSN ( www.csn.se ) and our students can obtain grants in order to study at GADIR,International School of Spanish.

The CNS, is the authority of the Swedish Government that provides financial aid for studies in the Swedish educational system, but also abroad. Financial aid consists in different types of loans or grants for which you may have the right to apply while you are studying. If you want to study in a foreing country you can receive student aid or student allowance, depending on the type of educational institution you will attend in your host country.

There are different types of financial aid for studies. Some of them are loans, other grants and other allowances, which include a study grant. To be eligible for one type or the other you need to meet certain requirements.

You can find all the information at: https://www.csn.se/languages.html

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