Spanish Course for Erasmus Students



Spanish Course for Erasmus Students:

Are you comming on Erasmus to study at Cádiz University?
Do you need to refresh your Spanish right before the start of your university course?
Do you need accommodation during a few weeks while you search for a flat?
In GADIR, Spanish School in Cádiz we have thought about the erasmus students that come to study in the Cádiz University to learn Spanish in Spain . That’s why we have 20 hours a week special erasmus course for erasmus students who are having difficulties following their classes at the University or want to prepare for them.
If you are a university Erasmus student, we recommend that your level of Spanish be at least intermediate before you start your university course. This will make your integration into your course and daily life in Spain much easier. If your Spanish level is below this, we recommend that you do an Spanish Course at GADIR.
Before you start or once you have started your Erasmus programme in the University of Cádiz, you can attend one of our Spanish courses for Erasmus students. It is the best way to progress in your knowledge of the Spanish language during your stay.

Minimum Length: 1 week

Timetable: 10.00-13.30

Levels: A1-C2

Dates of commencement: Each Monday of the year

Max. students per group: 8

Prices per person and per week:  Visit our price list

Enrolment: Enrolment online

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