Clase privada Paloma

Spanish Conversation Course + Private Lessons (10 + 5 lessons per week)


Our Spanish Conversation Course will help you improve all aspects of oral communication.

This combined course consists of 3 lessons of 45 minutes per day: 2 practical classes in groups of a maximum of 8 students and one private lesson per day.



  •     Lessons are created specifically for your own language requirements
  •     You have total personal attention from your teacher – you are learning all the time
  •     You can ask for as much error correction, explanations and feedback as you want without worrying about any other students in the class
  •     You can study at your speed. Go faster or slow down
  •     You speak for the majority of the lesson time, so it is really intensive learning.
  •     You can work on confidential or sensitive work-related material that you would not want to share with other students
  •     You practise, revise and re-use new vocabulary and grammar continuously


Minimum Length: 1 week

Timetable: 12.00-13.30 / 13.35-14.20

Levels: A1-C2

Dates of commencement: Each Monday of the year

Max. students per group: 8

Prices per person and per week:  Visit our Price List

Enrolment: Enrolment online


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