Blended Course (B-Learning) for Spanish Teachers

gadir blended course for spanish teachers


“Blended learning (or B-Learning) is a formal education program in which a student learns at least in part through online delivery of content and instruction with some element of student control over time, place, path or pace. While still attending a “brick-and-mortar” school structure, face-to-face classroom methods are combined with computer-mediated activities.

K. Newton, Blended Learning

With over 25 years of experience teaching ¨Training Courses for Spanish Teachers¨ we know the importance of ¨living¨ the language – spending a few weeks in a Spanish speaking country to refresh what we know and acquire new ideas and concepts for teaching. However, we also understand the importance that new technologies have in the classroom. Knowing how to use them is just as important as knowing the language you are teaching.

Two companies, Gadir International Spanish Language School and Cátedra Idiomas join their efforts to make possible our Blended Course for non-native Spanish Teachers, a course which offers an opportunity for direct contact with the Spanish language. This is offered through one or two weeks of presential classes followed by two weeks of online study using  EVERNOTE – a dynamic app which is fast becoming one of the most useful tools for teachers. Knowing how to use this app will continue to help teachers into the future, permitting us to design teaching units and create complete lessons through organizing a contents menu with the modules and themes of each scheme of study.

Start dates 2015:       23rd March, 6th April, 18th May, 6th July, 3rd August and 7th September

Type of course:          BLENDED COURSE (B-Learning)

Duration of the course:

  • Three weeks: one week of presential training (Spanish Teachers Training Course) and two weeks of online learning.
  • Four weeks: two weeks of presential training (Spanish Teachers Training Course) and two weeks of online learning.


  • Three weeks (one week of presential training and two weeks online): 432 €
  • Four weeks (two weeks of presential training and two weeks online): 628 €


Number of participants:  min. 3 and max. 7 for the presential course


Good communication skills in Spanish (minimum level C1) in order to follow the course properly as well as actively participate in each of the work sessions.


  • It is advised that students participating in the presential course bring a laptop or tablet in order to make progress on the course.
  • Both the presential part and the online course will be taught entirely in Spanish.

Final Certificate:

Upon completing the course, participants will receive a Certificate of Participation and Completion issued by GADIR, Escuela Internacional de Español, a centre accredited by the Instituto Cervantes.




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