GADIR Trip to El Puerto de Santa Maria (12)

We believe it is essential that our pupils get to know the city they are studying in and for this reason we organise regular guided tours to the historic city centre, museums, churches and other places of interest. Cádiz, with a population of 140000, is a city with a very active and appealing cultural life – flamenco dancing and singing, theatre festivals, cinema, folklore and opera and theatre seasons.

Each month there are many events taking place in Cádiz, some traditional, others more modern. From Carnival to Easter (Semana Santa), from January to December, we always introduce our students to the cultural life in Cádiz.

All such activities are accessible to our pupils who are promptly informed of the events which take place in Cádiz so that they can take part in them. Every week we organise various extra curricular activities, like visiting the most important places in Cadiz, the cathedral, el Teatro Falla, Tavira tower, la Caleta etc.

The school also organizes Surf courses, bike tours, flamenco lessons, etc.

Also we go out for meals together and enjoy the delicious gastronomy of Cadiz, which is  a compilation of Andalusia’s most appetising dishes. The produce of the mountains and the sea, accompanied by outstanding wines, will transform any visit into a delicious experience. Visit our photo gallery!

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