Other activities

Each month there are many events taking place in Cádiz, some traditional, others more modern. From Carnival to Easter (Semana Santa), from January to December, we always introduce our students to the cultural life in Cádiz.

Also, the city and its surrounding province are ideal places to practice sports of every type, from “traditional” sports such as swimming, canoeing, sailing, horse-riding, scuba diving, windsurfing etc. to the more “adventurous” such as bungee-jumping, rock climbing, rafting, delta-wing or potholing.

Added to all of this, in other schools which work with us in the city of Cádiz, GADIR’s pupils can attend classes to learn flamenco or sevillanas,or other types of dancing (salsa, ballroom, etc) or they can follow courses in painting, photography, pottery or other similiar activities.

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