Cádiz, the oldest city in Europe:

The name of our school, GADIR, was given to the city of Cádiz by the Phoenicians when it was founded more than 3000 years ago. For this reason, the name of our school is closely linked to the city, in which we have been operating since 1989. It is difficult to say in only a few lines what the city of Cádiz has to offer its visitors but nevertheless we ought to mention several things…

Firstly, its history and art. Founded by the Phoenicians more than three thousand years ago, Cádiz is the oldest surviving city in the west. It was home to the Carthaginians, Romans and Arabs until it was finally conquered by the Christians in the thirteenth century. The eighteenth century were years of splendour for the city and have given present-day Cádiz the most well preserved city centre in the whole of Spain, with its beautiful squares, narrow streets, small palaces, stately buildings and an atmosphere which invites you to relax and enjoy yourself. Traces of its historical past can be found throughout the city. In this respect, the Roman amphitheatre, the remains of the medieval city walls, the many stone towers of the city and the Oratory of San Felipe Neri (where the first Spanish constitution was drawn up in 1812), remind us that Cadiz, just like good Andalusian wines has a style all of its own.

Secondly, its geographical location. Situated near to Seville and Málaga and serving as a bridge between Spain and Africa, Cádiz, it would seem, is an island surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean.

Thirdly, its climate. The city of Cádiz enjoys pleasant temperatures all-year round, with clear blue skies and an average of 3200 hours of sun annually

Fourthly, its beaches. The people of Cádiz are proud of the 10 kms. of fine sand which lie at their very door-step. Beaches such as La Victoria and La Caleta form part of the scenery of the city and of the very lives of its people.

Finally, its people and its fiestas. The “gaditanos” are known throughout Spain for their friend1iness and sense of humour. They are always ready to welcome visitors to the city and to invite them to take part in the many fiestas which take place in it. Only if you come to Cádiz and live like one of the city’s own will you be able to enjoy its famous carnivals in February, its Holy Week in April and the Latin American Theatre Festival in October.

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