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GADIR, Spanish in Cádiz (29)

Training course for Spanish teachers in Cádiz, Andalusia. This Spanish course in Spain fulfills the requirements for a Erasmus+ grant.

This is a five lessons a day course for those pupils who already have a vast knowledge of Spanish grammar and syntax and who wish to expand upon it. The main objective of our training course is to offer non-native Spanish teachers the opportunity to update and perfect their knowledge of the Spanish language and to exchange experiences regarding methodological and pedagogical issues. At the same time, future teachers of Spanish can complete these courses and use them as preparation for their future professional career.

In this special course you will learn about the most common and latest methods of Spanish tuition and the different didactic techniques available in order to improve your work.

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The concept of the course is to increase those practical and theoretical aspects of the Spanish tuition which are significant for all Spanish teachers employing different didactic materials (audiovisual, internet, games, written material etc.), tuition types, student’s evaluation, solution of problems emerging in class etc.

This course is specifically designed for teachers in the field of junior and adult education. These courses may qualify for European Education Programme Erasmus +.

Erasmus+ grants

Our school has been offering training courses for Comenius-Grundtvig teachers since 2008. In 2014 the former Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP) was replaced by the new European Education Programme Erasmus+. Teachers from EU member states, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Macedonia and Turkey can apply for Erasmus+ funding. Grants for public school teachers and for adult education teachers promote the mobility of individuals. Through this programme teachers can apply for a scholarship for our training courses. The grants generally cover travel expenses, course and accommodation costs.

Individuals cannot apply directly for grants; and should instead contact their university, college or organisation.

In view of receiving help with the application and a good preparation of the course, contact us and make a pre-registration. Shortly after the pre-registration, you will receive a confirmation mail. On request we also send you a detailed course programme.


GADIR is registered on the European Commission Authentication Service (ECAS) with the Participant Identification Code (PIC) 942451516.


Length: 1 or 2 weeks

Timetable: 09.10-13.30

Levels: C1-C2

Dates of commencement (2020): 6 April, 20 July, 3 and 17 August.

Max. students per group: 8

Course Contains: Programa Curso para Profesores de Español (PDF)

Prices per person and per week:  Visit our Price List

Enrolment: Enrolment online


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