Spanish Perfection Course

Spanish Perfection Course (Level C2):

This is a five lessons a day course for those pupils who already have a vast knowledge of Spanish grammar and syntax and who wish to expand upon it. This course combines lexical, syntactical and semantic aspects of the Spanish language which present particular difficulty, with the study of colloquial Spanish, its turns of phrase, its idioms and expressions which are not found in grammar books.

This course is specifically designed for teachers in the field of junior and adult education. These courses may qualify for European Key Action 1 grant assistance under the new Erasmus+ funding framework (former Grundtvig and Comenius frameworks).

The Participant Identification Code (PIC) for GADIR, Escuela Internacional de Español is 942451516.


More information:

Level: Superior (C2)

Dates 2014: 14 and 28 July, 4 and 11 august

Length: 1 or 2 weeks.

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