The school


Our students

Our students come from all over the world and have many different reasons for studying Spanish. They come from all kinds of different backgrounds and they are all motivated to improve their Spanish: this adds to the great learning atmosphere in the school. In general our students fall between the ages of 18 and 50, […]

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FEDELE-Spanish in Spain

GADIR,  is also a founding member of the National Federation of Spanish Schools, FEDELE. The Spanish Federation of Schools of Spanish for Foreigners groups together the Associations of Spanish Schools of different Spanish autonomous regions. Its main objective is to represent the member schools in dealings with the Spanish Government and defend the professional interests of its members. […]

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Spanish in Andalusia-EEA

GADIR is a founding member of the Association of Spanish Schools of Andalusia (EEA), whose main aim is to encourage and guarantee the quality of teaching in the associated schools. All the member schools of EEA have obtained the Cervantes Institute Certificate of Accreditation and are periodically subject to a pedagogical and professional inspection, which guarantees that the teaching offered by […]

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Bildungsurlaub Spanish Courses

Schools certified for“Bildungsurlaub” meet quality requirements in the teaching of Spanish. They have adequate resources for teaching and a team of teachers with appropriate training as well as high quality study material. They have a teaching plan that supports the students’ learning progress and a maximum number of learners per class. Services advertised by certified […]

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Our Spanish School Team

Our teaching method which is continuously reviewed and updated, together with our team of teachers, will help you to “sail” through the Spanish language with as much ease as you would through Internet. All of our teachers hold a degree in Spanish linguistics and literature, specialising in teaching Spanish as a foreign language. Our teachers […]

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